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Ralsgård & Tullberg welcome you to Landskrona for the third SFFW!

Our flute course is suited to players of both keyed/unkeyed simple-system wooden flutes and Boehm-system


The focus is on Swedish folk music and Nordic flute traditions. We will teach melodies and work with articulation, ensemble playing and arranging.

A brief schedule for the course: June 18: arrival in the afternoon, check in, registration and evening session

June 19 - 21: classes, workshops, concert, sessions

June 22: tunesharing, classes and departure early afternoon

Course fee including hostel accommodation (shared rooms) and breakfast: €350

Students and pensioners €250

Sign up:

For fluteplayers who want to experience more of the traditional music of Sweden we recommend a visit to the Degeberga Spelmansstämma, 16 – 18 of June, it is the biggest trad music event in Skåne. After attending our course, you have the opportunity to experience festivals and spelmansstämmor in Delsbo, Östbjörka, Bingsjö, Boda and Korrö. These are some of the most essential traditional music highlights of the year in Sweden.

Hope to see you in Landskrona in June!

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Upcoming gigs!

We are heading to Uppsala and Stockholm next. 9/2: Uppsala @EPTU, V-dala nation. Doors 17:30, Concert 19:00 11/2: Stockholm @Stallet, 19:00 See you soon!

Degeberga spelmansstämma 17-19 juni 2022

Ralsgård & Tullberg kvartett kommer till Degeberga spelmansstämma! Vi kommer att spela vid flera tillfällen under helgen. Hoppas vi ses där!

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