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Scanian folk flute workshop

Scanian folk flute workshop will be a hybrid event this year. Dates are 27-29 of July. We will schedule the classes so that it can work for participants on both sides of the Atlantic. We will son have more information up. If you are interested, please send us an email: info[at]ralsgardtullberg[dot]com

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Ralsgård & Tullberg to Boxwood

We are happy to announce that Ralsgård & Tullberg will return to Lunenburg, Nova Scotia for this year's installment of the Boxwood festival:

Scanian Folk Flute Workshop 2024

Ralsgård & Tullberg welcomes you to Landskrona for the fourth Scanian Folk Flute Workshop. Our flute course is suited to players of both keyed and unkeyed simple-system wooden flutes and Boehm-system


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