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Scanian Folk Flute Workshop Update

The digital workshop is coming up next week! We are very much looking

forward to it!

To register, please transfer 120€ to paypal account:

Before the workshop starts, you will receive an email with a zoom link.

The sessions will be done in English.

Hopefully we will be able to record the sessions.

At least proper recordings of the tunes will be available!

The schedule for the workshop is:

Monday 27/6: 18.30-21.15 local time, Sweden

Tuesday 28/6: 18.30-21.15 local time, Sweden

Wednesday 29/6: 18.30-21.15 local time, Sweden

Each session will be divided into three slots: 18:30-19:15, 19:30-20:15,


If you have any questions, just send us an email:

All the best,

Markus, Andreas & Jonas

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Ralsgård & Tullberg kvartett kommer till Degeberga spelmansstämma! Vi kommer att spela vid flera tillfällen under helgen. Hoppas vi ses där!

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